Largest Float Glass

In Bangaladesh

Nasir Float Glass Industries Ltd. (NFGIL) stands tall as a marvel of modern engineering, crafted with a vision to bring versatility to the manufacturing landscape of Bangladesh. The complex sprawls over 200 acres of vibrant greenery, teeming with life and inspiration. As you walk through the facility, you'll be awestruck by the grandeur of towering structures that soar over 80 feet high, casting shadows over the elegantly crafted workstations. The imposing 37-meter (121 feet) high water tower and 75-meter (246 feet) lofty chimney are stunning architectural feats that showcase the ingenuity and expertise behind the design.

The factory is surrounded by meticulously landscaped paths that wind through a beautiful tapestry of trees, shrubs, and lawns, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. Every inch of NFGIL is a testament to the commitment to ecological sustainability, making it a dream destination for anyone who values responsible manufacturing practices.